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A website can be a valuable asset to any company. We create quality websites that are professionally designed and accessible.

Websites should follow standards in their construction to make them visible by as many users (and browsers) as possible. We follow these standards closely and this helps our websites get listed properly in Google.

Outlined below are a few key points to consider when designing and constructing a website or re-working an existing site.


  • The process of gathering the end user requirements is a key part of the design process. It is only by establishing the needs of the user that a solution can be found. Any company should be wary of making assumptions about user requirements when designing websites for the most diverse audience in the marketplace. Results can only be achieved by effectively evaluating your customers needs and expectations and addressing them accordingly.
  • Speed is still important despite the average user in the UK having access to broadband. Websites full of flash animation can hinder the user experience and result in lost sales and enquiries. Familiarity is also important, radical navigation systems can deter users who simply will not take the time trying to fathom them out. The average user spends less than 3 seconds on your website and if they cannot get what they want in that time they will leave.


  • To maximise the value of your established website you should consider the benefits of redeveloping your site around a user-centred design process. Analysing what works on an existing site can often influence a successful redesign and create the desired results when combining this with our expertise in areas such as e-commerce, accessibility and graphic design.

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We offer the full range of service from a hands on partner approach to marketing to specific search engine marketing tasks for other web companies. We also work pro actively working for our clients on a retainer basis to ensure you are making the most from your website.

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Web Industry is a leading provider of web based solutions built on a proprietary, optimised web management system. We are website designers in Carlisle on a simple level, but our main strength in managing websites and delivering leads and sales as if we were your web team. We employ varied methods from SEO, Google Adwords and Copywriting to help you achieve your business goals.

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